Phill-Seung LEE (씠븘듅) 
 Graduate School of Ocean Systems Engineering
 Office : 2103, Building N27
 Tel : +82 42 350 1512

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering. 2004.
M.S. KAIST, Civil and Environmental Engineering. 1999. 
B.S. Hanyang University, Civil Engineering. 1997.

Professor, KAIST, Mechanical Engineering. (2019-present).
Associate Professor, KAIST, Mechanical Engineering. (2015-2019).
Associate Professor, KAIST, Ocean Systems Engineering. (2009-2015).
Manager, Samsung Heavy Industries, Marine Concrete Structure Team. (2005-2009).
Postdoctoral Researcher, McGill University, Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics. (2004-2005).
Postdoctoral Researcher, MIT, Mechanical Engineering. (2003-2004).
Researcher, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Structural System Group. (1999-2000).
ME440 Engineering Design via FEM (Syllabus )
ME523 Introduction to Fluid-Structure Interactions (Syllabus )
ME535 Finite Element Analysis of Structures (Syllabus  / Quiz  / Lecture note )
ME532 Advanced Analysis of Solid and Structures (Syllabus  / Quiz )
Sojin Shin (떊냼吏, 2017- ) 
M.S. KAIST, Mechanical Eng. 
B.S. Inha University, Mechanical Eng.
Seungbo Lee (씠듅蹂, 2019- ) 
M.S. KAIST, Mechanical Eng.
B.S. Pusan National University, Mechanical Eng.
Seunghwan Park (諛뺤듅솚, 2019- )
B.S. GIST, Mechanical Eng.

SeungGyu Lee (씠듅洹, 2022- ) (Lab Representative)
M.S. Kyoto University, Aeronautics and Astronautics Eng.
B.S. Hiroshima University, Mechanical Eng.

Yoonsung Jeong (젙쑄꽦, 2023- )
B.S. Hanyang University, Mechanical Eng.

Jaehyun Sung (꽦옱쁽, 2023- )
B.S. Sungkyunkwan University, Mechanical Eng.

Sanghoon Lee (씠긽썕, 2023- )
M.S. KAIST, Aerospace Eng.
B.S. Wichita State University, USA, Mechanical Eng.

Jihoon Lee (씠吏썕, 2023- )
M.S. Pusan National University, Naval Architecture & Ocean Eng.
B.S. Pusan National University, Naval Architecture & Ocean Eng.

Dongho Cho (議곕룞샇, 2023- )
M.S. KAIST, Mechanical Eng.
B.S. Hanyang University, Mechanical Eng.


Yu-ri Chae (梨꾩쑀由)
Office:  2101, N27(B/D)
Tel: +82 42 350 1547
Fax: +82 42 350 1589