CMSS (Computational Mechanics and Structural Systems)
쟾궛뿭븰 諛 援ъ“떆뒪뀥 뿰援ъ떎

Complicated applications in recent engineering practice need much advanced computational methods for structural and fluid mechanics. In these areas, our research objective is to study the relevant mathematical models and to develop novel and efficient computational procedures based on finite element method. For such a research plan to be successful, deep insight into various disciplines such as physics, mechanics, mathematics and computer science is essential. Based on innovative ideas along with robust solutions, we are currently expanding our research experience into other areas including new product development and experimental biology. Our high quality outputs will bridge KAIST with industries as a solid partner as well as help them to lead technologies in highly competitive global environment. 

CMSS(쟾궛뿭븰 諛 援ъ“떆뒪뀥) 뿰援ъ떎뿉꽌뒗 媛곸쥌 援ъ“/쑀泥댁뿭븰 臾몄젣뿉 빐 닔븰紐⑤뜽쓣 뿰援ы븯怨, 쑀븳슂냼踰 湲곕컲쓽 슚쑉쟻씤 닔移섑빐꽍湲곕쾿쓣 媛쒕컻븯怨 엳떎. 씠뒗 湲곌퀎떆뒪뀥 Digital Twin쓽 洹쇨컙씠떎. 뿰援щ 꽦怨듭쟻쑝濡 닔뻾븯湲 쐞빐꽌뒗 臾쇰━, 닔븰, 而댄벂꽣 怨듯븰 벑怨 媛숈 떎뼇븳 븰臾몄뿉 븳 源딆씠 엳뒗 넻李곗씠 슂援щ맂떎. 삉븳, 蹂 뿰援ъ떎뿉꽌뒗 쁺떊쟻 븘씠뵒뼱瑜 諛뷀깢쑝濡 븳 깉濡쒖슫 삎깭쓽 援ъ“떆뒪뀥媛쒕컻(뵆젆꽌釉 뵒뒪뵆젅씠, 빐뼇썝쟾 벑)쓣 넻빐 援궡쇅 愿젴 궛뾽뿉 鍮꾩쟾쓣 젣떆븯怨 엳떎. 蹂 뿰援ъ떎 슦닔븳 뿰援ъ꽦怨쇰뱾쓣 넻븯뿬 KAIST 援궡/쇅 쑀닔쓽 湲곗뾽뱾 媛꾩뿉 諛쒖쟾쟻씤 떎由 뿭븷쓣 븯怨 엳쑝硫, 沅곴레쟻쑝濡 援궡 湲곗뾽뱾씠 移섏뿴븳 湲濡쒕쾶 寃쎌웳 솚寃쎌뿉꽌 湲곗닠쓣 꽑룄빐 굹媛 닔 엳룄濡 씠걣뼱 二쇨퀬 엳떎.

CMSS Laboratory,
Department of Mechanical Engineering (Ocean Systems Engineering),
Eureka Hall N27(B/D),
KAIST, 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-701,
Republic of Korea.
Office: Room 2100, BD N27 
Phone: 82-42-350-1552
Fax: 82-42-350-1572